The Who

Sat, 25 September 1982:

Philadelphia, PA, JFK Stadium


I Can't Explain
Sister Disco
The Quiet One
It's Hard
Eminence Front
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O'Riley
I'm One
The Punk And The Godfather
A Man Is A Man
Cry If You Want
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Love Reign O'er Me
Long Live Rock
Won't Get Fooled Again

Magic Bus
Twist And Shout


DAVID, Malvern, Chester County Pa

This show was at the old JFK stadium in south Philadelphia. My buddy Bob and I got in while Santana was playing. Every time Carlos would take a solo, cheers would go up from the crowd. 90,000 Who fans were shoehorned into this rickety old football stadium built in the 1920s. It was a very very rowdy and drunken atmosphere. It was like a giant keg party. The Clash was treated abominably. The crowd started booing immediately after they were introduced. All manner of debris was thrown at the stage. I remember Joe Strummer was hit right between the eyes with an apple. Mick Jones was hit by a soda bottle while in mid-leap. He picked it up and drank from it. The enormous PA system was covered by a huge cloth "W" on one side, and an equally large "O" on the other. The stage itself was under a 70 foot wide "H". I saw MTV VJ Mark Goodman outside the press entrance. Television news helicopters swooped overhead as The Who came on.

Pete slipped and fell during Punk Meets the Godfather, knocking his Telecaster out of tune. He got up and tossed it to someone out of my line of sight. He strapped on another and carried on. Someone set a small fire in the photographer's pit, but it was quickly extinguished. Roger was hit by a roll of toilet paper, which he promptly picked up and threw back. Moments later, he looked at who it bounced off of and said "sorry". At one point Pete asked the crowd to move back. "A lot of very good looking girls are getting crushed," He said. After Magic Bus, Roger said "Thank you Philly we've had some pretty good gigs here." The show ended with a rollicking cover of Twist and Shout. Pete smacked his Telecaster on the stage a few times and the show was over.

Growing up in the Philly suburbs, my buddies and I were into a lot of "Heavy Metal" bands. The Kids are Alright film had a BIG impact on us. We were just galvanized buy it! We came away from that film as Who fans! Saturday, September 25th, 1982 was a brilliant day for us.

Pete banged his guitar several times on the stage at the conclusion of "See Me, Feel Me" and then proceeded to toss it over the amps but the big surprise was at the conclusion of "Won't Get Fooled Again". Pete kept prolonging the ending and finally John unplugged his bass and tossed it up in the air and let it come crashing down on the stage as he walked off. I have a picture of this right as the bass is leaving his hands. It's not the greatest picture but it nonetheless captures the moment.

John Snyder

I enjoyed reading the account, brought back some memories as I was one of the 90,000 or so in attendance. I don't remember the Hooters in between Santana and the Clash - perhaps they came on prior to Santana - Santana's show was too short, the Clash were treated horribly, although Strummer kind of brought it on with his comments and their sound was pathetic. I can recall that the amazin' Who actually played the song "5:15" at just that - 5:15 in the evening! Ironic, no?

I do remember Daltrey constantly swinging the microphone on its lengthy cable and Townshend slamming down his black Telecaster at the conclusion of "Twist and Shout." Not exactly the smashing-it-to-bits "workout" that we were so used to seeing ala "The Kids Are Alright" segments, but a rather memorable and strong statement. A great show.

Paul Frank

I enjoyed reading the fan report posted on this show at JFK Stadium - I was also there. I remember the crowd was amazing, a lot of energy that day. I also seem to recall that the Hooters and the A's also played that day, before Santana and the Clash. We were in line to enter the stadium when Santana took the stage - Carlos was amazing that day. I also remember the fans buzzing about the cracks in the stadium concrete and how would it hold up under so much sound vibration, which would become a bigger issue a few years later (I also saw the Amnesty International concert there a few years later, another amazing show, not long before it was torn down.)

The Who was great that day. There was a helicopter that landed backstage before the show and took off after the show, and I remember a rumor going around in the parking lot that Mick Jagger was on board and flew in to visit Pete, Roger and John, and to see the show.

Joe Navarro

I too enjoyed reading the posts regarding this show. I was a recent HS grad. and arrived real early for the show. Six people crammed into a Barracuda partying like crazy. I was amazed at how many people were already passed out when we arrived in the morning. A shame they missed a great show. I recall being up at the highest point of the lights up top of the staduim and also making my way down onto the field when the crowd was surging forward and being urged by Pete Townsend to move back because there were many pretty girls being crushed. The A's & The Hooters both gave good performances. At the time the Clash was looked as 'out of their league' to be billed up there with the Who & Santana. I like them more now than I did back then. It was a time never to be repeated or forgotten. Thank you for this site and the opportunity. Long Live rock!


This was the greatest show of my life. I was in college at the time. We were having a keg party at my house and at three in the morning someone suggested driving down to Philly from Rhode Island to see the Who. Ten of us piled into my friend's Bronco and made the six hour drive. We all bought tickets from scalpers in the parking lot. Immediately afterwards there were constant announcements over the P.A. warning people not to buy tickets from scalpers and that tickets were still available at the box office. Well we all got in anyway.

I am absolutely floored to learn that the Clash and Santana were also there. I have absolutely no recollection of them playing. I do remember seeing Jagger dancing on the side of the stage and seeing Pete in ripped jeans going commando.

It was open seating and we all went for the front. I recall surges or waves of people being pushed 50 feet in random directions. I can remember my body at a 30 degree angle, propped up by other slanted bodies. It was hot and despite the roadies hosing us down, many succumbed to heat exhaustion and were passed over our heads to the stage where they could receive medical treatmnent. I finaly made it to the chain-link fence at the front of the stage. I held on for dear life. I remember the Who performing Emminence Front and Roger screaming "bullshit, bullshit!" That was the highest sober moment of my life. That was the best!

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