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Remember The Who? ... Then you've got a better memory than me pal! ... Just kiddin' ... what was I saying? ... Oh yeah! There are lists and then ... there are lists!

This is a list of gigs and concerts second to none. This list even includes gigs we weren't even paid for! The fact that this guy even includes a list of my gigs means that he really should have been working for the CIA.

Great! So ... read on ... and on ... and on ... and on ... Decades follow.

We even referred to this list while we were mixing our live shows for the new CD.

John Entwistle 1999


Steve Luongo

Welcome to this very informative site. John Entwistle used to use this page to verify his solo gigs. I too, use it often as a reference guide and find it extremely helpful.

It is the most complete list of our performances that I know of. It will also serve the most dedicated fan in search of The Who's performance information. To Quote JE "This is a list of gigs and concerts second to none. This list even includes gigs we weren't even paid for!"

Introduction to Version 8

Some words ...

Welcome to the new The Who Concert Guide. This is the 8th version of the concert database since 1996. You will find a lot of new features. Some are immediately noticeable, for some you have to look closer. First of all, the new Who Concert Guide is responsive. Now you can use it on different devices. But I don't want to list all new features and improvements, come on, join in and look around.

The Who Concert Guide started in April 1996. The first version went online on June 4th 1996. It is a fan project, sot supported by The Who or their management. A lot of fans have contributed, you find some of them listed on a different page.

I'd like to dedicate the Guide to some very important people: First of all to John Entwistle. He wrote an introduction in 1999 and I had the pleasure to meet him in February 2000. He's still missed. Next are my parents, my wife, my dog and a special dedication goes to the Smoochies, a wonderful group of little beings who supported me in many ways. Especially Bob, who helped me to go on and on.

Enough said ... Jump to the concerts and "read on ... and on ... and on ... and on ... Decades follow" ... Enjoy surfing ...

Klemens, 25-06-2016

Introduction to Version 7 (2011)

While Roger Daltrey is touring with the rock opera Tommy very successfully in Europe and the USA and while Pete Townshend has announced that The Who will bring the masterwork Quadrophenia back to stage next year, the Who concert guide goes into the 15th years of it's existence. To wipe away the dust from the past years, it was time for a new version of this website, which enjoys great popularity of the Who fans all over the world. Nearly 30000-40000 pageviews a month show the continuing interest of the fans, to learn more about the history of live concerts by the Who.

Although other web sites, i.E. and, reproduce parts of the concert history of The Who, the Concert Guide is still a very special website. Only here you can find informations about live shows by the band itself or by one of their individual members, wich are presented with live record, fan reviews, newspaper reviews and much more.

Since 15 years I'm working on this website. The project started in April 1996 and the first version went online in June 1996. This is long period, and it brought a lot of work and a lot of fun, because I learned so much about the greatest band in the world. By this time I have to thank all the fans who sent infos, pictures, reviews, setlist and so much more throughout the years. I will continue my work as long as you will join in and help to make the guide better and better.


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