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Welcome to the Hypertext "time capsules" about the Who

By Svante Börjesson

HOWEVER, if you would like to know a bit more about these pages, please read the information below the menu first.

The Who in Denmark

Some information before you start

These pages were created by Who fans, mainly for Who fans, although if you're a rock/pop fan in general and perhaps interested in what touring life in the sixties and early seventies was like, I think you will enjoy these pages too.

The pages consist of, besides lots of text like translations of old newspaper articles, also of pictures of the Who-members on and off stage, scanned tickets and newspaper ads etc. The pictures are mostly of JPEG format, so be sure you have a JPEG viewer at home. The pages were made for Netscape, so the pages may look a bit odd when seen in a different browser (btw Netscape loads JPEGs automatically.) Also, these pages are quite heavy on images - roughly around a 100Kb per page, so you should have a fast connection. You could also watch the pages with the image loader turned off, but I think the pages lose a lot of their charm if you do that.

By Svante Börjesson